This was supposed to be an easy post to write.  When I finished my first post my brain went to work on my second.  As I moved through my day the words started to roll and bounce around my brain.  Slowly forming into logical and succinct sentences.  I was so ready to write but just did not have the time.  And, then, in a flash all my beautiful sentences were gone, pushed abruptly out by a phone call.  A phone call that in retrospect reminds me of exactly why this blog is important to me.  Because life, at least for now, is finite.  It is fragile and can change in a second.  At it’s root that is exactly the point of this blog.  I would like to enjoy my life.  To be healthy and active and comfortable in my skin.  I think that is a goal that I share with many, many other people.  What better way to really change then to do it together?  My hope is that you as my readers will motivate me, push me, cheer me along and point out when I really am not sticking to my goals.  In return, I hope I motivate others.  I hope that you see that if I can shrink my chunky monkey then maybe you can shrink yours to, that together we can make our lives better from the inside out.

Which brings me to, what is a chunky monkey and why is that the name of my blog?  Chunky monkey is a nickname I picked up somewhere along the way.  It’s not a nice name  and I don’t like it very much but I LOVE MONKEYS.  I have loved monkeys since I was a little girl so somehow I have allowed the nickname to live.  However,  I am not the Chunky Monkey.  The Chunky Monkey is my inner voice, not the nice one, the one that appreciates all that I have going for me.  My nice inner voice appreciates my fantastic family, my nice inner voice is proud of a business I have built from the ground up, my nice inner voice has a lot going for her.  The Chunky Monkey is the other voice.  She hates exercise.  She says things like “you have never been a healthy weight, you are fat and there is nothing you can do about it” , she says things like “Some people are fit, and some just aren’t”  and “you’ve had a rough day, you deserve that ice cream cone” .   I bet you have a Chunky Monkey too… maybe it says different things, maybe your Chunky Monkey isn’t even Chunky but either way she is not your biggest fan and her reign needs to end.  So for my Chunky Monkey… gear up… cause if your staying on my back, the ride is about to get a lot more rugged….