My journey to battle the inner voice that keeps me chunky … Starting with finishing The Rugged Maniac on May 31, 2014

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What happened?

Well… I fell off my enthusiastic fitness band wagon… Again…

Why? Life, kids, stress, other priorities … The list goes on and on…

I didn’t run the rugged maniac and I stopped blogging because I felt silly for falling short of my goal.

The good news? I haven’t stopped being active… This summer has had lots of hikes, bikes, walks and playing in the water… I’ve been holding my own

And more good news?

I reset my goal. September 21 I’m doing the “kiss me dirty mud run / obstacle course” it is a little less scary. All girls, only 10-12 obstacles and they look a bit easier.

Even better news: the tickets are bought and I even started a team so this time… Good, bad or ugly … It’s happening so … Might as well blog about it!


I woke up this morning sore and stiff. My back, my hip and my neck ached and didn’t want to move. If I had not known better I would have been sure I was 80 or so. After stiffly standing up and hobbling around for a minute I started stretching. Slowly my muscles started to loosen and the pain lessened. I am not 80. I am 33 years old. Evidently, no one told my muscles.

As I was stretching my mind flashed back to my husbands words a few years ago. If you want to lose weight and you want to get active you need to do it now! Once you turn thirty your body will start to change, it will get harder! I know, I know, I would grumble, feeling irritated at him. I had tried to get healthier I would think. It’s just not easy for me like it is for him.

Well, guess what? He was right! It did get harder! I should have started exercising regularly back then. If I had I would be writing a different blog post today.

So, maybe, I should feel depressed and despondent about missing my golden opportunity to get healthy and give up?

Um, no that would be silly. Why? Because we each have today. We can regret our past bad choices, we can make great plans for the future but plan to start tomorrow or we can get out of bed, time on our running shoes and do something!

I remember a quote on the wall at the job I had in college.

“When it hurts more to not change then to change you will change”

The clients there had big problems, heroin addiction, alcoholism, homelessness. Still, the simple phrase is equally true when struggling with our more day to day struggles.

We, each one of us, can be healthier. We can be active. It may be hard but we can do it!

This week I met a man who has been paralyzed for 19 years. He plays wheelchair rugby. He rolls around the neighborhood daily. He is healthy. So, seeing as how my legs work, what’s my excuse?

I don’t have one. So today, I’m going to play soccer with my family for a couple of hours. I’m going to do my planks and work on my arms.

I’m going to choose to be active today.

How about you? Isn’t it a good day to move?


20 minutes run / walk using c25k. (Running late, didn’t have time to finish the whole program)

5+ mile hike with the family.

2 30 second planks.

My legs are mush but my energy level is awesome!

30 minute bike ride using indoor trainer. Uses c25k program to interval train

10 minutes of planks and other ab exercises, 5 minutes on biceps and triceps.

So my plan is to take the rugged maniac training one month at a time.

January’s goal was to improve my nutrition and to reintroduce my body to being active.

How’d it go?
I’d say I met my goal. I could have done better in some areas. I’m eating cleaner. Way less processed junk, way less sugar and white bread. Over the years I’ve learned that the number one way for me to not eat healthy is to be too rigid. Making a rule that I can’t eat something seems to create a cascade of cravings that always wins in the end. So my approach this month is “one good choice at a time”. My theory is that if each choice is independent of the others than making the occasional bad nutritional choice in no way effects my next decisions. Yes, I’ve made a few not so good health choices this month but I haven’t derailed. I’m still moving forward one choice at a time.

Surprisingly, cutting the sugar and flour had some impressive effects on my over all health. My allergies have improved dramatically. In a month I’ve gone from taking Zyrtec nearly every night year round with daily symptoms to taking Zyrtec once or twice a week. My sinuses aren’t perfect but are much clearer. My gut issues have nearly resolved. My energy level has improved. None of these effects were expected but I’m not complaining.

Oh, and I’ve lost 10 lbs so that’s not too bad either…

Fitness this month has been inconsistent but I was much more active then previously. I did a few run / walks, several walks, went roller skating, did planks or other core exercises most days and am trying to move more and sit less.

For February my primary goal is to begin an organized fitness routine. Let the actual training begin!!! The plan is simple. Cardio at least 30 minutes a day 6 days a week, alternating bike rides (mostly on my indoor trainer) with walk/run sessions using the couch 2 5k application on my phone. For strength training I’m planning at least 10 minutes of strength training with a strong emphasis on core (planks, Pilates) a day. Of course I will also stretch, first of all because I love stretching and second of all because flexibility is a key component of good health and helps reduce the risk of injury.

My plan is to post each days workout here so please add your thoughts, comments and suggestions anytime and if I’m not posting it means I’m not working out so feel free to call me out!

How about you? How are you getting healthier this month? Why not set a goal & post it in my comments so we can get healthier together?

Happy Friday and good health to you!